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Feather River Claybusters, our scholastic shooting program is in full swing!!!
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"Team Quincy" is Quincy Sport Shooting Association's supporters consisting of club members (Adult and youth), volunteers, supporters such as the NRA, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the Mule Deer Association, local businesses, parents, our local schools, our local law enforcement departments, and most of all....the supporters of the 2nd Amendment and shooting sports .  

 We cannot survive and continue our youth program without donations.  If you would like to donate please contact Matt or Cheryl.  There are several ways to donate.  Write a check to Cheryl our teasurer, log onto Midway USA Endowment and donate to team quincy, purchase tickets to our periodic fundraisers and have a chance to win a gun, or the next time you go to Reno grab a case of 12 gage size 8 shot ammo.  

With programs like this Midway USA Endowment we hope to grow our program to include other shooting sports.  The Feather River Claybusters is our youth shotgun sports, and hopefully we will see under "Team Quincy" other sports such as rifle and pistol marksmanship programs.   We welcome your donations and support and involvement and hope to see you at the range.

Here is the flyer from the RMEF announcing their screening, recommendation, and selection of Team Quincy as recipients of the Midway USA Endowment: 

RMEF January 2014 Newsletter Final.pdf
6.2 MB

Feather River Claybusters' first practice was held Sunday 16 February 2014, at 1pm.  We are looking forward to a big turnout this year with the addition of Quincy Christian School coming on board with more junior shooters to participate in the shootcyssa.com program.  We now have over three full squad with some very good shooters and some young shooters developing quickly.

Above:  Annual October Club Championships:  Larry Lawson presents the most presigious, highly sought after and greatly coveted 4th Annual "Larry Lawson Award" to Natalee Olhiser and Justin Kantoff, our 2013 Youth Club Champions.  Congratulations to this years winners!!!

Family Friendly Range, shooters of all ages welcome....


Johnny shoots his record high 17, congratulations!!!  Johnny is doing that very regularly now.

Girls don't have to stay home and play with dolls....they can hang out with Larry, listen to the ol' railroad stories and shoot guns.  

Our Club:  QSSA is a open club to anyone, both members and non members alike,  and anyone else wanting to have fun and enjoy your second amendment rights with fellow shooting enthusiasts.  
We welcome everyone, old experienced veterans of the sport to first timers or just someone wanting to get ready for the hunting season, we like to train ladies, youth both boys and girls, and even them thar city slickers that never fired a gun before.

Youth Program:  Shootcyssa.com We have a very active youth program.  SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT AND OF OUR GREATEST CONCERN.  Kids must be of an age and mindset to focus and pay attention to every detail of instruction.  In addition they must properly demonstrate safe firearm handling skills and be strong enough to handle the firearm without difficulty.  It is a must that they can handle the firearm with proper form and not have any apprehensions or fear of shooting.  Parent(s) must be present during the shooting events.   (we are not a daycare center and parental support and involvement is key)

We strongly encourage and ask that parents volunteer to help out, there is plenty to do, please don't be afraid to ask.


Location:  We are located just about 6 miles west of Quincy California on Snake Lake Road, see below for a google map to the range.  The property is owned by the United States Forest Service and the Plumas County Sheriff Department is the authorized permittee to utilize the property.  The PCSO then utilizes the Quincy Sport Shooting Association to be the managers of the property and keep it in good order.

Google Map to the Range:  
(so the wife don't make you stop and ask for directions, don't you hate that?)

Restroom facilities?  sorry, but you can choose between douglas fir, white fir, or ponderosa pine.  We now have a porta potty on a trailer for our Special events.  Special thanks to Plumas Sanitation for their donation.

Contact Information and Officers:
President Matt Culver                530-394-8390  EMAIL MATT
Vice President Dan Martynn     EMAIL DAN
Treasurer Cheryl Pini                 EMAIL CHERYL
Secretary Carl Bishop                530-816-0544
Range Master  Larry Lawson    530-283-1772
Range Safety Gary Pini II            EMAIL GARY                

SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS:  Sponsors help us provide a range facility, events, and assist in keeping the cost of operating affordable.  They also are instrumental in our youth program.  SUPPORT THEM, THEY SUPPORT US!!!

Midway USA, 

Horton Tire Center
, Quincy, California; Ron and Stephanie Horton
(530) 283-1450

QUINCY FIREARMS (FFL) for your firearms purchases and transfers.  The "Official Firearms Dealer of QSSA Junior Trap Team": 

Plumas Motor Supply (Across from CHP Office in Quincy).  The "Official Parts Store" of the QSSA Junior Trap Team.  Thanks Ed :-)

For all your concrete, aggregate, and trucking needs:


American Valley Hardware

Special Thanks to American Valley Hardware who donated a Winchester Model 1500 to our youth trap program!!!!

QSSA President, Junior Trap Team Coach, and Webmaster Matt Culver   Cell 530-394-8390  Certified American Trap Association Shotgun Coach, NRA Level I Shotgun Coach, RMEF Life Member, NRA Member, and CRPA Member)

EMAIL <<<click to email us

Annual Membership:                      
Senior Membership (62 & over)           $15.00
                                                             Junior Membership (16 & younger)      $15.00     
                                                             Individual Membership                        $20.00    
                                                             Family Membership                             $25.00

Membership (it pays the insurance):
 Membership is not a requirement to come join us, however membership is highly encouraged and deeply appreciated to help the club with costs associated with running the club.  Insurance, range maintenance, and other needs.  Our costs are very affordable compared to other clubs, we do all we can

Junior Programs and Events: 

Shooting Program:  Every other Sunday, See Schedule
Junior Trap Program:  Every other Sunday, see schedule, Kids get free Ammo/instruction

Quincy Friends of the NRA Banquet, March, 2015
Summer League:  Late May to Late September each year.
Club Championships "Larry Lawson Award", October, 2014, see schedule.
RMEF, Feather River Big Game Banquet: September 2014
Turkey Shoot:  Weekend before Thanksgiving
Great American Snow Blast:  Trap Shoot during First big snow dump of the year

Pistol "Bullseye" Shoots: Begins 21 May 6pm and runs till October.  Cost is $1.00 to cover the targets, must bring your own pistol, ammo, safety gear, etc.

Trap Shooting:

Adults:  $4.00 per round or for $25.00 you get 7 rounds (save $3.00 if you buy 7)


The club has several guns available for beginners and those without firearms thanks tomembers with extra guns and a generous donation from the Friends of the NRA.  We also have ammunition available for sale, and reloading supplies on a limited based on availability basis.  Call Larry Lawson for details.


Kurt McBride & Travis Shiavone, @ CJ's Automotive, (Portola, CA)  530-927-9760

Dave Lake (Portola, CA) 530-832-4186

Lee Brooks:  530-836-2604

Dave Hockaday (Minden, Nevada)  
Dave's Firearm School

George and Phyllis Orloff (Almanor/Westwood, CA) 530-596-4116
Ian James: http://www.tenxem.com/

Other Sporting Clays and Trap Ranges:
click >>> 
Al Hoop Range

Hunter Education Classes (Westwood, CA)

Rick Roy 530-596-3644


Email us

Special thanks to the Quincy Friends of the NRA for their donation for our range improvements.    The improvements added storage for additional clay targets as well as a covered shooting table.  The Quincy Friends of the NRA also donate annually to our youth program.  Last year the NRA donated over $5000 in ammunition, new guns, and safety gear for the youth program.  

Attend a Friends of the NRA Event:  EVENTS

Personal one on one instruction available in both Shotgun and Pistol Marksmanship.  We want to pass on to you our marksmanship skills and see you become a member and enjoy with us our 2nd Amendment Rights






























































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